Processing Services

Our goal at West Memphis Steel is to offer a customer service experience that exceeds all expectations and enables our customers to excel in their business. Part of what helps us to be successful in this mission is providing steel processing services with a high quality product that we deliver to our customers. The equipment and services below outlines what we have to offer you.

CNC Cutting Table

Our Messer CNC cutting table that allows us to cut your custom parts up to 6” thick with the oxyfuel torch or up to 2" thick using the 400 amp plasma head. We will cut your custom parts with high accuracy and consistency. Our engineering department can assist with your CAD drawings and provide quick turn around on your orders.


We have a total of six (6) saws allowing us to cut bundles up to 42” wide and up to 23” tall. We have 3 Behringer saws and 3 Marvel saws, including 5 saws that give us mitering capabilities, allowing us to provide the custom parts your company needs.


With 4 Cincinnati shears, we can shear material up to 3/8” thick by 12’ wide, including up to 1/4” floor plate. Our operators take the time to ensure your material is sheared to your specifications.


Coil Leveling & Cut-To-Length

Our leveling line gives us the ability to level coils up to ¼” thick and up to 60” wide. We can cut sheets up to 240” long on this line.



With 2 Cincinnati Pro Form Press Brakes, one 230T and one 350T, we can form material up to 3/8” thick and up to 12’ wide. Whether it is formed channel, single bends, or detailed custom parts, our press brake operators are skilled in providing the kind of service you expect.

Custom Services

Whether it is drilling holes, welding, or other custom solutions, West Memphis Steel can provide our customers the unique solutions they need. Call us to discuss your needs.